Many people may think this is a strange thing, but the fact that the newly discovered sea worm has the ability to make the loudest sounds ever recorded in the ocean.

When you think of loud sounds, you can imagine screams … separating ears or explosions that make us cry. But what if in the ocean environment? The sea worm, which is only 29mm long, has set the record for researchers to surprise.

The newly discovered sea worm has the ability to make surprising sounds in the ocean.

The base was launched by marine biologist Ryutaro Goto from Kyoto University and colleagues measured the sounds emitted by these worms, which emitted a sound of up to … 157 dB.

In fact, we can hear sounds as low as 10 dB, but about 130 dB of sound can become painful and harm the ear.

“The sound of the newly discovered worm is comparable to the sound made compared to the way the shrimp attack the prey, which is one of the most intense biological sounds measured at sea,” researchers explain.

The shrimp mentioned can produce sound intensity of up to 189 dB so that they stun prey, which is enough to break the glass.

The researchers pointed out that mollusks were not known to make a loud sound, at least until the team brought the creatures back to the lab and witnessed small noises. emanating from their mouth.

“A loud bang could be a byproduct of a fast oral attack,” the researchers commented.

In fact, this strange sea worm was only described recently in 2017, and it gouged holes in sponges along Japan’s Pacific coast, where it waits for its prey and aggressively protects the lawn from the opponents.